The Most Genuine Face In the World: a story of pain.

I don’t know he just looks earnest all the time 

I don’t think he’s ever acted a day in his life

even when he’s /acting/ it’s like, that’s just the way his face looks like

he’s probably the shittiest liar in the world

always happy just always hAPPY

he is literally excited because he’s been told that he can /have a tryout for a football team/ harry you know that it isn’t real life right? stop you’re too cute

i don’t know if this one fits in with this post but he just looks so honest

even when he’s POSING just just genuine i can’t

he’s just happy to say hi

i’m starting to get off topic i just like his eyebrow quirk in this one

genuine beautiful giggles

he’s just so shocked that his laugh exploded from him without his consent

his lack of facial control just makes me smile because /real boy/

/honestly satisfied/

he’s not even embarrassed look at that face he’s still SMILING THROUGH THE FALL

but it’s time for the most intense part, /genuine singing/

i don’t even know which song he’s singing but he means the innuendo that’s in it

zayn is goofing off but harry means it look at those eyebrow furrows

i just stumbled upon this one and needed to add it omg okay back to the point

i think my heart just shit a brick

no thank y ou

i actually have this saved as ‘too aggressive do not look’

and he has this baby doe eyed ‘i’m listening to you’ face too and it just ugh

well. he’s listening while he checks you out but i mean i’ll let him have this one

just wait until the end he’ll make the face…there it is 

this is just too much i feel like i’ve done a shitty job keeping to the theme

you are just too much for me to deal with harold

staring into your eyes while pretending to speak your language

i’m hanging onto your every word

he might be falling in love with her for all we know based off this face plEASE



me too idiot, me too

look at that FACE

in shitty conclusion because i’ve burnt myself out from doing this 

harry is the super genuine, always pleased destroyer of worlds

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